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With Todays Online Technology, Who Needs A Realtor And Why . . .

By Ward Adams, Aug 1 2016 07:09PM

Zillow, Trulia, along with any number of admin sites that provide home selling documents have greatly reduced the need for Real Estate agents. Even 24 Hour Open House systems reduce the need for agents to open the door of listed properties.

Today’s primary function of an agent is to provide intermediary services between the buyer and seller. Sellers have expectations and buyers want a deal. The nature of the psychological aspects of the situation can easily end in conflict. A buyer agent and a seller agent can work through any issues generally in an unbiased manner. (That is as long as both agents realize that their job is to affect the sale in fairness to both parties).

Since generally agents only earn a pay day when a sale occurs, their input as to price and presentation is invaluable.

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