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Would You Invest $3,000 To Make $6,000?

By Ward Adams, Aug 13 2016 09:53PM

A major component relating to the successful sale of any home is how it is presented relative to its price and the competition. Pricing a home that is cluttered or dog eared the same as one that has been upgraded/updated will only mean that it will be used as a “bounce off”. If an offer is received, it will be presented much lower than the listing price.

Give Havelock-Adams an opportunity do make suggestions on what might be necessary to maximize the desirability of your home to potential buyers. Ask about Refresher Funds loans.

It may mean a simple coat of paint or some new lighting or kitchen fixtures. What ever your investment whether $1 or $1,000 it will come back to you two fold. Call Havelock-Adams the Price & Presentation people at 602-881-6703

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